She smile everyday even there are many problem in her mind. She doesn't care for what other people thought about her. She keeping smile and smile without no sigh.

That evening, she walked around alone, relaxing her mind. She want to come out from her problems. Everything were going wrong and she doesn't know why??

She still can remember that night when someone scold her and her friend infront of everyone. Why he did that?? A guy was born to protect a women.. 

They also share their story with other person but him backstab them.. they were telling the true story but he tell that they were making the storie.. but why??? 

Everythings were playing in her mind and keep asking why and why. She loves her friend. She wants to protect her friend but nobody understand her.. 

A tear drop down from her eyes, keep dropping like a rain... If ego still controlling us, we can't think to forgiving someones instead of keep accusing someones false..

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