Everyone in the world have their own dream and one of their wishes is to make their dream come true. we oftenly watched a lots of disney movie that shows their dream come true such as Cinderella who finally married the Prince Charming and Snow White who found her true love. That is what we call the dream come true if we work harder to achieve it. 

I wonder if there is someone who doesn't has any dream in her life but the answer I receive is no. It is impossible to the human being in this world live without dreams. It seems that they have no principle in their live. 

I also has my own dream which I hope that my dream will come true. To achieve your dream what you must do are work harder and harder. For all students in the world, don't waste your time by falling in love. Use this time to study, and try to achieve your ambition and your dreams until you can succeed in  your life and build your own family. If I can handle myself from falling in love while studying why not you?? If I can handle myself from couple, why not you?? If I can do it, why not you?? So, try to continue your life and achieve your dream because no one can stop you achieve your dream in this world.. 

My dream  is to be a success girl and live happily in a peaceful world.

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