I'm really agreed with the above statement. Why? 
There are so many kind of love in this world. It is up to you, to choose what kind of love you want either a fake love or the true love. 

Some people treat a relationship like a video game.. they play them and when they get bored they cheat.. 

Agree with me? So, go and find a person that will love you with all of their heart. That is what a true love mean. For me, this is not a right time to think about love as I'm still a student. This is my advise to all girls out there, don't even you cry if a boy leave you behind because there will be a reason why you can't be with that boy. All you need is try to think postive for what had happened in your life. Maybe it is not the right time for you to be fall in love... 

So, focus on your right choice, think twice if you fall in love because you don't know if your love is true or not. 

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