1 Juzuk 1 hari


Just nak share tips macam mana nak habiskan satu juzuk dalam satu hari dan dalam masa sebulan kita dah boleh khatam Al-Quran. kalau sebulan sekali so korang boleh khatam Al-Quran 12 kali setahun. Hebat kan.. Senang je...

Let say your Quran has 20 pages per Juzuk. So we need to pray 5 times a day right ( Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib and Isyak)

20 pages/ 5 = 4 pages 

So, we can read Quran for 4 pages after we are finish our pray and with that we can finish one juzuk per day.. and with our istiqamah.. InsyaAllah we can do it just in a simple way and Allah we grant us with a great reward for our good deeds...

It's easy right? just 4 pages after pray and we can finish 30 juzuks in  a month.. insyaAllah..

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