Alhamdulillah, dah 3 hari kelas dan semua berjalan dengan lancar. But this week still no tutorial and lab so it is a little bit relax. So enjoy this first week right for FCSIT first year student. Oh, forget to introduce my faculty - Faculty of Science Computer and Information Technology and I'm a major in software engineering. A fun subject to learn so far.

Back to our topic - TAWAKAL.. all muslim in the world should know what is tawakal.. it is mean that we have try our best by doing all thing that we can and the nest step is just leave to Allah for the result.. as we all did in the exam, we had try our best so next we just need to tawakal and wait for the result..

Just want to share my story last night when me and my friend need to go for usrah in another college which is kk12 and I'm staying in kk8 which is a little bit far away to walk alone in the night and the road is very dark without lamp post. We wanted to wait for a bus but there was no bus in the night, so I told my friend to tawakal and just walk to kk12 because we didn't want to waste our money just to take a taxi but there was not so many taxi actually in the night.

click the image for a better view...

As we were a few step forward suddenly a taxi stop beside us and the driver ask us to show him the way to kk7 as the passenger was a blind student which stay in seventh college. We decided help that driver and follow him to kk7 and tell the driver to drop us there as we can walk down to kk12 which I think I can walk there because there a lot of people walking at the pedestrians but instead the driver want to take us to kk12. Firstly we were a little bit hesitate because we think we need to pay for the taxi charge but we were so happy as the driver give us a free ride because we had help him to show the way to kk7. We were really thank to that driver.

So, here I would like to conclude that if we put our trust to Allah, there will be many ways of help that Allah will give to us. That is what we call the power of TAWAKAL and also PATIENT. This also can be use in our examination. If we had tried our best in exam then we just need to tawakal and trust that Allah we grand us a bigger reward for our patient, hard work and also our prayer to Him.. InsyaAllah... have a nice day!!

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