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Assalamualaikum and Hi Earthlings

It has been quite a while I'm not writing in my blog. Hahaha.. 

I think it is not too late to give some tips for exam since right now is exam week. Musim semua stay up malam-malam nak study.. (walaupun ada yang dah habis exam dekat UM ni tapi sis masih mereput sebab ada lagi 3 paper T-T)

For me every time I'm going to have exam te first thing to do is...

1) make a study timetable for my study week.

to ensure that I can finish cover up all the chapters for my exam in study week..


2) make some small notes ( I don't think mine is small... haha)

just write some importance points.. not all things in the lecture's note.

the most important tips

3) ask Allah for His guidance through your exam's day.

always ask Him to guide you throughout your way to answer the exam question because all pieces of knowledge are given by Him.

Last but not least...

4) ask for your parent's prayer and blessing

always remember that their Du'a is the most prioritize one and be heard by Allah. 

ok, that is all from me... Sis sedih sebab kali ni balik 3 hari before raya disebabkan exam CPRE Requirement Engineering.. sobs.. sobs.. wish me luck! ingat study kerana Allah.. bukan kerana 4 flat yee.. 

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